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Referral Partners introduce GlobalVision to companies that are looking to improve their quality control with automated proofreading software. You'll receive rewards (listed below) with every new referral submitted. 

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Instant reward for a referral submission: Once your referral has been qualified by GlobalVision, you will receive:

  • $100 Amazon Gift Card  

Once a Qualified Referral purchases GlobalVision: Once your referral purchases a GlobalVision product, you will receive:  

  • A referral fee of 5% of the value of your referrals' first year purchase , or
  • That same value discounted off your next GlobalVision plan  

Rewards for your Referral: Referrals you invite will also receive:

  • A $100 Amazon gift card once they have purchased GlobalVision, as a gift from you.  
  • Further, your referral will receive a 5% discount on their first year purchase plan, also as a gift from you.

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Thank you for helping to accelerate improved quality in your friend or colleague's workplace. 

Trying to bring GlobalVision into your new company? Join our Champion Program. As a previous customer or user of GlobalVision, we offer rewards for bringing our products into your new company. All previous customers or users referring their new companies are eligible for our champion program. Enroll here.